Nymph Hexagon Original Bracelet natural

Nymph Hexagon Original Bracelet natural


Nymph Hexagon Original Bracelet natural
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2 700 rub.
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The bracelet is handcrafted from genuine leather treated with natural tannins. The product features perforated patterns and images of the hexagon, the world famous symbol of the repository of golden ideas. The bracelet can be decorated with one chunk. Chunks are purchased additionally.

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Цена изделия указана без учета стоимости кнопок. Кнопки вы можете подобрать отдельно из более, чем двухсот вариантов, в зависимости от значения символа и внешнего вида кнопки.

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Material - Leather

Color - Beige grey

Product Code - WBS-356-03

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2 660 rub.
 3 800 rub.

800 rub.



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