Pachamama Bracelet green

Pachamama Bracelet green


Pachamama Bracelet green
1 100 rub.
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Weaving has been a national treasure of Peru since the time of the Incas. These bracelets were created by artisans from the Chinchero region. The pattern depicted on the Pachamama bracelet has ancient roots and history. The bracelet is made of 50% alpaca wool, 30% wool and 20% acrylic.
The bracelet is decorated with two pendants: one with the NOOSA-Amsterdam logo and the other with the image of an alpaca, a rare species of llama. This bracelet looks very stylish when paired with classic NOOSA-Amsterdam leather bracelets.

Size Chart

Material - Wool

Color - Green

Сountry - Peru

Product Code - 11671

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