Mallow (in the gift box)

Mallow (in the gift box)


Mallow (in the gift box)
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1 300 rub.

In Ukraine, mallow flowers were depicted on clothes, Easter eggs, and walls of houses. The Japanese believe that if the heart-shaped leaves of mallow are presented to the gods, they will save the people from earthquakes, floods, and other disasters. Mallow is the embodiment of dreams, joy, strength, a symbol of striving for sublimity. This plant belongs to the element of water, mallow flowers are used to strengthen love relationships. The energy of the flower helps keep the family together.

Material - Stone powder

Color -

Thematics - Family well-being

Product Code - CRN-364-01

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8 400 rub.

2 700 rub.

1 500 rub.



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