Footwear classic sandal darkbrown

Footwear classic sandal darkbrown


Footwear classic sandal darkbrown
    [VALUE] => 7900
    [DISCOUNT_VALUE] => 7900
    [PRINT_VALUE] => 7 900 rub.
    [PRINT_DISCOUNT_VALUE] => 7 900 rub.
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7 900 rub.
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The sandals are made of genuine handmade leather. This is a one-of-a-kind accessory that only gets better over time. Each pair of shoes can be decorated with 8 chunks.

Attention! The marking value should be one size larger than your actual shoe size.

Special offer! When you buy sandals, you get eight chunks of our choice for free. If you purchase eight chunks, we will send you sandals for free.

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Material - Leather

Color - Brown

Recommended also

800 rub.



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