International orders can be paid in two ways: using the Robokassa service and through the PayPal system. In both cases, security and correct transaction processing will be ensured.

When paying through Robokassa, you can choose the type of card convenient for you or your preferred payment system. Securely and quickly pay for orders with Visa and Mastercard cards, use Samsung Pay, or pay with WebMoney. Due to the fact that we use a payment gateway operating in Russia, the total cost of the order on the Robokassa website is displayed in rubles.

The PayPal international system saves your time when paying for orders, provides order protection, fraud protection, and additional data encryption. Make payments using your credit card, debit card, bank account, PayPal balance, eCheque or other payment methods. Total amount will be charged in EUR.

Please be aware that dollar prices are in US dollars.


By placing an order in our online store, you agree with the Russian legislation governing the relationship of sellers and customers and determining the conditions for the return and exchange of goods. By law, you have 14 days to return or exchange an item.

Delivery of goods to the international NOOSA-Amsterdam warehouse in the city of Krasnodar, Russia is carried out by the forces of the customer and at his expense. After the goods have been successfully delivered back to the seller and their external condition is checked, you can request an exchange or refund.

In case of returning products, please use the following postal address:

Elena Krylatykh

ul. 70 Let Oktyabrya, d. 17, kv. 45
Krasnodar 350089
Russian Federation



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