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handmade leather accessories and silver jewelry

NOOSA-Amsterdam, a Dutch brand, was created in 2009. The first released accessories were belts with bracelets, bags, and wallets along with other items made of genuine leather following soon after. A distinctive feature of the brand’s creations is the ability to attach to each accessory one or more buttons-symbols called “chunks” depicting symbols from different world cultures. The chunks are made of natural materials, including some that are especially valuable and rare.

NOOSA-Amsterdam created a unique concept and brand for belts and in doing so has redefined what a belt could be. Beyond belts, NOOSA has extended to a beautiful, authentic, and personal accessory line of bracelets, wallets, bags, key chains, and jewellery. Working only with the best quality materials, every detail is crafted with the greatest care. NOOSA-Amsterdam as a brand rises above mundane accessory labels and occupies its own, newly created place in the world of fashion.

Accessories -

  • to carry memories
  • to become one with you as a person
  • to be personalized, changed and collected
  • to express who you are and tell your personal story

We cooperate with small family manufactories. The Nepal factory operates to the highest fair-trade standards and is certified by the World Fair Trade Organization. Most of the leather items are produced in the Netherlands, some of the leather products are in India, according to European quality standards. We used genuine vegetable tanned leather; the material is coloured with natural pigments. Chunks are created by artisans in Nepal, Indonesia, and Peru. Jewellery - in Indonesia, Thailand, and Nepal. 

In a time when people are becoming more and more individualistic and rushed, there is a greater need for balance, authenticity, honesty, and essential connections. NOOSA offers products with a deeper meaning, a real value, a sincere story, and a genuine personal connection. NOOSA-Amsterdam has a special position in the fashion industry. We create accessories that are always relevant and do not depend on the ever-changing fashion trends. Our audience understands, thanks to the design of interchangeable chunks and their deep spiritual meaning, that our products take on a new look each time they are worn.



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