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How to Pick a Bracelet That Fits You Perfectly

Our bracelets are available in three sizes: XS, S, and M. The size that will fit you perfectly depends on the size of your wrist in centimeters.

Measure your wrist with a soft tailor's measuring tape, or with a thread.

Our sizes are universal. For example, if you prefer size S for the bracelets of the Original line, then in the Petite line you should also choose a size S bracelet.
The same size marking fits both single bracelets (with bases for one or three chunks, or even without them) and double bracelets (decorated with six chunks).

Bracelet Size Chart

Size XS S M
Single Bracelet
Wrist Girth, cm 14-15.5 16-18 18-20
Product Length, cm 21 22.5 24
Double Bracelet
Wrist Girth, cm 14-15.5 16-18 19-21
Product Length, cm 39.5 43 47
Width of Classic Bracelets, cm
Standard and Narrow Items Wide Items
2 2.4

We do not recommend wearing our products end to end. However, if you like the feeling when the leather of the bracelet fits snugly against your skin, you are welcome.

Most of our products are fastened with two press buttons. By choosing which of them to fasten, you can finely adjust the bracelet. Our items are handcrafted from genuine vegetable tanned leather. The material conforms to the shape of the wrist when worn and feels as comfortable as a second skin.

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M Original Bracelets: click here M Petite Bracelets: click here
All Original Bracelets: click here All Petite Bracelets: click here


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