Relic Iris Chakra Necklace

Relic Iris Chakra Necklace


Relic Iris Chakra Necklace


Chakras are our energy centers located on the spiritual level. Each of them is responsible for a certain area of our life, worldview, and sense of self. They should be filled with energy, and their interaction should be balanced.

The colors of the chakra jewellery crystals correspond to their centers of concentration of vital force. Our necklace, if you believe in its capabilities, contributes to the feeling of “solid ground under your feet” and maintaining a full exchange of energy between the Earth, Man, and the Universe.

Any Relic jewellery pendant will suit this necklace, especially the “Iris” Chakra Pendant.

Necklace length: 45 cm + 3 cm adjustable.

Material - Gold-plated brass

Color - Multicolor

Сountry - India

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