Petite Kolam Hase

Petite Kolam Hase


Petite Kolam Hase

Indians say: what kind of kolam, such is wealth. We are talking about a complex sacred ornament depicted at the threshold of the house. Admiration is the skill to draw huge beautiful patterns without taking your hands off the ground and without changing the position of the body. The pattern is designed to express gratitude to the goddess Bhudevi (personifies the Earth), Lakshmi (responsible for wealth and prosperity), Surya (bestows good health and wisdom), and Ganesha (removes obstacles). Thanks to our chunk®, kolam is always with you.

This chunk® is only compatible with Petite line bracelets.

We have a dedicated section in our online store for these products.

Material - Stone powder

Color - Violet

Сountry - Nepal

Thematics - Prosperity

Product Code - 12268

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