Petite Tjukurpa Nomad

Petite Tjukurpa Nomad


Petite Tjukurpa Nomad


For several millennia, the Australian Aborigines led a nomadic lifestyle and hunted for food. The tribes believed that giant snakes appeared from the center of the Earth and walked around the world, creating plains, rivers, mountains. Every nomad believed that a person has two souls - mortal and immortal. The immortal soul is associated with a certain spirit, and failures occur due to the fact that the spirits are angry with the tribe in some way. The chunk® reminds you how important it is to find your place in life, enlist the support of like-minded people, and follow the call of your heart.

Material - Stone powder

Color - Multicolor

Сountry - Nepal

Thematics - Harmony

Product Code - 12257

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