Petite Apple Star Charm pink

Petite Apple Star Charm pink


Petite Apple Star Charm pink

Among the Celts, a special branch of the apple tree, the so-called Silver Branch, had magical properties, and its fruits were able to attract healthy and numerous offspring. In the northern tradition, it is also the Tree of Life, received from the gods. The ancient Scandinavian goddess Idunn guarded apples, the use of which gave eternal youth. The Celts associated the fruits with knowledge, and the Irish saw them as a symbol of immortality. King Arthur, along with other heroes, according to legend, rested on the island of Avalon, where apple groves grew, charming women lived, and unearthly joys reigned. The chunk® symbolizes the energy of life, health, and attractiveness.

This chunk® is only compatible with Petite line bracelets.

We have a dedicated section in our online store for these products.

Material - Ceramics

Color - Pink

Сountry - Peru

Thematics - Health

Product Code - 12200

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