Original Classic Narrow Allover Belt white

Original Classic Narrow Allover Belt white


Original Classic Narrow Allover Belt white

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How to choose the perfect size? For example, if your waist is 75 cm, then our size 85 belt will suit you; product length is 100 cm.

The belt is handcrafted from durable but soft calfskin leather. Like all accessories of our brand, it can be decorated with several replaceable chunks®.
A special design solution was embodied in the color of the product. The material has a pinkish tint and a special relief texture. Thanks to these details, the belt looks even more attractive, natural and authentic.

Choose Chunks®

Special offer! Get three chunks® of our choice for free when you buy a belt.

Delivery of the item may take 2-3 weeks due to the possible need to move the product between the brand’s warehouses.

Material - Leather

Color - White

Сountry - Netherlands

Product Code - 12456

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